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About AGA

American Gemoligical Appraisal (AGA) specializes in a appraisals for diamonds, modern and antique fine jewelry, watches, pearls and precious stones. With staff that has over 25 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry, AGA strives to provide the highest standards in appraisal services. 

We know how important it is to understand the value of your fine jewelry and so it is our goal is to ease the jewelry buying process. Due to our extensive knowledge in several categories, our appraisals are recognized by several reputable retailers, private jewelers, wholesalers and insurance companies. 

Considering the high costs of fine jewelry, it is important to have them reviewed by professionals. 

About AGA


"I am so glad I found AGA to appraise my fine jewelry.  I am so impressed by their ability to provide the most detailed  appraisals!" - Michael

"AGA is a diamond in the rough. It is so rare so find appraisers that are so knowledgeable, informative and helpful." -  Julie

"I found AGA after my insurance required an appraisal to be done by a certified gemologist. I couldn't be happier with the high level of professionalism and prompt turnaround time." - Andrea



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629 S Hill Street #50

Los Angeles, CA 9004

Tel: 213.804.3035

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